Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Personal Thoughts on Autumn

The Autumnal Tints exhibition has given me many opportunities to think, read, and write about autumn...my favorite season. One of the most enjoyable things about owning and directing this Gallery is the chance it gives me to focus on the topic of each exhibition...think in some depth about each topic, research it, read about it, and use my thoughts to select and comment on art submissions. So working on the Autumnal Tints exhibition for the last few months has given me lots of time to think about autumn...just when it is autumn. (How's that for planning!)

It is now November 4 and we are well into autumn. Here in Maine the trees are nearly bare. Mostly oaks and beeches still hold on to their leaves. The colors and tints of autumn began to be noticeable back in August when some red first appeared in the woods. In September there was more red, but also yellow and gold and orange sparkled in the trees on sunny days. Some green leaves simply faded to a more pale shade of green. Others grew spots and blotches rather than changing color. All of it makes for a most beautiful season. Every day looks different from the one before it and the one to follow.

Autumn is my favorite season...but not only because of the beauty of the changing leaves. I love the crisp days of October when I need to wear a sweater or jacket. I love the feel of cold air against my face when walking through the woods. I love the sound of walking on crisp leaves. I love the smell of autumn...earthy and robust. And, unlike most people I know, I even like the fact that the days get shorter. I like being able to "nest" in my home during the late fall and winter months...sit by the woodstove, enjoy my home, cook hot meals, and spend some time looking inward.

I was born in Milwaukee, and my family moved to San Diego when I was about seven years old. I moved back to the midwestern part of the country when I was in my twenties and spent about ten years living in northern Indiana. I was so thrilled to be living in a place once again where I could experience seasons. When I left Indiana, I moved to Maine, where I still live today. The seasonal changes are a bit different here...autumn arrives earlier, winter stays longer, summer is shorter, and spring is actually something called mud season...but I could not live without them. I was meant to live where seasonal changes are part of life. I like the rhythm.

Somehow it seems that I appreciate the seasons more every year. Perhaps with every passing year I realize to a greater extent that the number of autumns or winters that I have left to enjoy are dwindling. You just don't realize that when you're twenty or thirty. So I try harder to pay attention to those things in my life that I enjoy, and I do enjoy the seasons...especially autumn. Autumn brings with it apple-picking, baking apple pies, pleasant walks in the woods, the chance to wear a sweater, that feel of crisp air, the wonderful smell of fall leaves, the sight of falling leaves on a windy day, grouse and pheasant hunting with my dogs, watching football on Sunday afternoons, sitting by the woodstove, and, of course, Thanksgiving...my favorite holiday. There is some autumn still to enjoy this year, so I need to still pay attention. I don't want to miss a minute of my favorite season.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
November 4, 2009

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