Sunday, November 01, 2009

Autumnal Tints Artist - Laura Yang

"Autumnal Tints" brings to mind images of maples, oaks, poplars, and aspens wearing bright reds, golds, and yellows that sparkle and shine in the mid-day sun. But if the only "autumnal tints" you notice are the changing leaves, you miss so much. There are also the ferns that grow brown and shriveled, the many grasses in fields that go to seed and fade to ivory or pale brown, various berries that range from dark blue to bright red to pure white, and a variety of late-blooming flowers. Then there is the change in light in autumn, brought about by the decrease in daily sunlight, that makes everything look different...as if it has a different tint. Let's also not forget the autumnal sunset skies that so often are flooded with bright pink.

Laura Yang's contribution to Still Point Art Gallery's Autumnal Tints exhibition is not of leaves or tree-filled landscapes. She presents still life pieces with flowers. But it is the long shadows in these pieces...the light and shadow...that reveal the season. In autumn, the light moves to its lowest point in the sky, and shadows become longer, which produces a world with slightly different tints and tones. This is the light that Yang captures in Autumn Light and Autumn Light 2.

Autumn Light, Autumn Light 2

Autumn Light (20 x 16) and Autumn Light 2 (16 x 20) are digital watercolor prints. Each is available through Still Point Art Gallery framed for $400. Please contact Christine Cote at christine@stillpointartgallery.com or 207.837.5760.

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Christine Brooks Cote
November 1, 2009
Still Point Art Gallery

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