Sunday, October 04, 2009

Autumnal Tints Artist - Daniel Sroka

Autumn brings to mind warm and rich colors like red, orange, gold, yellow, bronze, and rust. Yet if you observe autumn in different places or at different phases of the season, you could see very different colors or have a very different experience. Autumn can be subtle rather than strong, translucent rather than bright and clear, and colored in cool tones like faded greens and ivory in addition to the warmer, more familiar reds and oranges.

This brings me to the amazing abstract photography of Daniel Sroka, particularly his contributions to Still Point Art Gallery's Autumnal Tints exhibition.

Dragon, Unravel, Wave

Sroka's photographs, Dragon, Unravel, and Wave, are close-ups of fallen leaves that present a rather rare view of autumn. The images of Sroka's view of autumn are not expansive landscapes, but rather intimate portraits of individual leaves. The colors of Sroka's view of autumn are not rich reds and golds, but rather cool greens and faded peach tones. The shapes found in Sroka's view of autumn are not of typical maples and oaks, but rather of spirals and sawtoothed edges. Sroka's view of autumn is subtle and studied...these images are the product of an artist who is attentive.

Dragon (11 x 14), Unravel (14 x 11), and Wave (11 x 14) are pigment print photographs. Each is available through Still Point Art Gallery unframed for $400. Please contact Christine Cote at christine@stillpointartgallery.com or 207.837.5760.

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Christine Brooks Cote
October 4, 2009
Still Point Art Gallery

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  1. Christine, thank you for such a thoughful description of my work. I'm honored to be a part of this exhibit.