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Kathy Winstead Named Artist of Distinction in Autumnal Tints Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery has named Kathy Winstead an Artist of Distinction in its latest exhibition, Autumnal Tints. The online exhibition opened August 31 and will continue through December 1, 2009.

Kathy works in the realm of mixed media, meaning that she draws from several artistic practices to create one piece...painting, three-dimensional art, collage, found object or assemblage art, and more. Her submissions for the Autumnal Tints exhibition are mixed media pieces that are filled with color...autumnal reds and oranges and yellows, complemented by blues and grays. Her pieces contain found objects brought together with color and paint on a foundation of wood. They are unique, captivating, and challenging.

Forgotten Lyrics, Locked Out, On the Road, Strength in Numbers

Kathy says about her art...

I am a self-taught artist specializing in eco-friendly recycled mixed media collage. My work radiates expressions of emotion, mixed with color variations that typically define levels of quiet and reflective thought or stormy interpretations. I believe in collaborating with my clients to create the textures, colors, and thought processes they seek. Each piece of work is an original and cannot be duplicated. I look forward to creating that special piece for everyone who has the ability to see, dream and envision an original and unique piece of artwork for their home.

I asked Kathy a few questions about her art and her submissions to Still Point Art Gallery...

[Christine Cote] What has drawn you to be an artist?

[Kathy Winstead] I think I was born with a passion for art, but my earlier works were shared throughout the years with only family and friends. Art allows me to self-interpret and express my emotions in a way nothing else can. I love to create art that can mean something different depending on your mood. For me, it represents freedom from conformity. I like to step out of my comfort zone in life and explore new things. My art reflects my life. I've been called unique by some and I like to create art pieces that are unique -- no two are alike -- just like no two days in my life are alike.

I give credit to my brother whose love and encouragement inspired me to pursue my artistic dreams. Today I have stepped out of the confinement of the corporate world and for once in my life am doing what I love, sharing my art at shows and through private commissioned work.

[CC] How would you describe your artistic style? What draws you to your particular style of art?

[KW] While being involved in various types of art, my passion is mixed media. I love the different feelings that can be expressed in this artwork which combines recycled materials, tools, and basically anything that holds interest in texture or style and the application of bright, forceful colors or soothing tints and shades. Mixed media is a more flexible art form allowing the use of anything the mind can grasp. I like the ability to pull various objects into the piece to personally engage the mind of the art enthusiast. I want to encourage the individual to explore their own thoughts and emotions and to bring each piece to life in their own mind and heart.

[CC] What are you seeking to express through your art?

[KW] I have always been an emotional person and I think this comes through in my art - even if I am not aware of it while creating it. I find that after finishing a piece, I can really examine what emotions I was experiencing. It is a way to release my own energy in a useful and meaningful way and hopefully to be able to touch the emotions of others.

[CC] What is the inspiration for your art...what inspired the pieces in the Autumnal Tints exhibition?

[KW] Most of my inspiration comes from solitude within and my work has allowed the private person in me to come out for the first time. For many years my solitude and peace of mind came from music, reading and writing poetry. I have a deep appreciation for any type of creativity - including painting, cooking, gardening, sewing - and many of these loves are reflected in my work. I frequently use items such as recipes, music sheets, poetry and road maps in my work. I believe color is the real key to satisfying the heart and soul. It calms, it excites, and it pleases.

In the Autumnal Tints exhibition, On the Road explores travel from southern beaches to northern mountains as exhibited by the colors and use of portions of a road atlas, sticks resembling fallen fencing along sand dunes, and finally leaves in shades of burgundy and green as they are beginning to fall. Forgotten Lyrics is a piece depicting all the colors and warmth of the seasons. The bird seeds represent nature and the continuation of life, while relaxing sheet music "plays" in the background. Locked Out is a playful piece exhibiting various drink recipes, a music CD, while featuring the warm rust colored hues of autumn. Strength in Numbers has the bold and vibrant gold and orange colors of autumn, and mixes in geometrical figures and mathematical equations to emphasize the significance of numbers in our everyday life.

[CC] Is there anything else you'd like viewers and visitors to know about you and your art?

[KW] Since I am very much into ecology, 100% of the materials in my paintings are recycled items or found objects. The paintings are done on old cabinet doors, drawer fronts, old bookshelves that have been taken apart, and any scraps of wood I can find. That is one of the most important parts of my work. Everything involved has lost its original purpose, but is now being used to create something new and vibrant. It allows me to give these items a "second life."

The mixed media pieces are achieved by attaching various items in layers onto the wood. I achieve some of my textures with molding pastes and gels. Then layers of acrylics are applied and finally acrylic varnishes with UltraViolet Light Stabilizers to protect them from discoloration. All of the pieces are intended to be hung on a wall as the back sides of them are, by design, left in their natural state showing how the wood was originally used.


Kathy Winstead was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-1950s in a family who believed in strong work ethics. From an early age, she explored her artistic talent in various areas, but her career was spent working in the accounting field and her focus was raising her children, Shaun and Tara. In recent years, visits to galleries and open studio tours with her brother have inspired Kathy to re-evaluate her lifestyle and pursue her artistic talents. Although Kathy has traveled extensively and lived a few years in Texas and California, her southern roots run deep and brought her back to her beloved Atlanta where she currently resides with her significant other and soul mate Tim Isenberg. She finds relaxation in her art, primarily mixed media style, and also playing with her seven-month old grandson, Carson, whom she is eager to introduce to the exciting world of art.


Kathy's pieces may be purchased. Please see the Gallery website for more details about each piece. Inquiries should be addressed to Christine Cote at christine@stillpointartgallery.com or by phone at (207) 837-5760.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 31, 2009

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