Sunday, August 30, 2009

John R. Math Named Artist of Distinction in Autumnal Tints Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery has named John R. Math an Artist of Distinction in its latest exhibition, Autumnal Tints. The online exhibition opened August 31 and will continue through December 1, 2009.

John's contributions to this exhibition are four magnificent abstract photographs. John specializes in abstract and impressionistic photographic images, and hearing the call for autumnal tints, he responded in a grand way. His images are bursting with color - orange, yellow, and red. The pieces have a wonderful texture and design that, along with the color, combine to create images that seem to shimmer with excitement and delight.

Fall #1, Leaves, Fall #2, Falling Leaves

I asked John some questions about his work as an artist.

[Christine Cote] What has drawn you to become an artist?

[John R. Math] As a boy I was brought up an environment whereby I was not allowed to express my feeling and thoughts. The moment I picked up a camera I realized that this was another way to do that.

[CC] How would you describe your artistic style? What draws you to your particular style of art?

[JRM] My style has evolved as I have adapted to technology. With a digital camera my style is now loose, free and full of color. With movement of the camera, I am also able to show textures which increases the feeling of the image.

[CC] What are you seeking to express through your art?

[JRM] When I first began shooting as a boy, due to the cost of film, I shot in Black & White. At that time, my subjects and subject matter were dark and brooding too. Like now, I took my technique to an extreme at that time. Over the years I began to marvel at the beauty of nature and now this is what I choose to explore in my photography.

[CC] What is the inspiration for your subjects...what inspired the subjects of the pieces in the Autumnal Tints exhibition?

[JRM] I just love the range of Fall colors. Green to Brown and everything in between. We never seem to get tired of it, year after year.

[CC] Is there anything else you'd like viewers and visitors to know about you and your art?

[JRM] Every day I am continually taking pictures in my head. I then return to these locations early in the morning and again at dusk and try to recreate what I thought I saw. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't due to external conditions. But I keep trying, until I get it. It could take months to achieve.

My images are simple and as an individual I am still expressing myself through my images. There is so much beauty in the world and I am only trying to show a small aspect of it to those who can also appreciate it.


John's photographs may be purchased. Each is 15" by 10" and is available for $450 without framing. Inquiries should be addressed to Christine Cote at christine@stillpointartgallery.com or by phone at (207) 837-5760.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 31, 2009


  1. Wonderful vibrant work, it makes me feel alive and motivated. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Delightful work. A pleasure to look at.

  3. Beautiful colors. You do well with a camera. Vibrant and alive are the correct words. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your work of art is really great!

  5. Des photos sublimes d'ou se degage une tres forte sensibilite et une imagination debordante .Bonne continuation