Monday, August 24, 2009

Final Week for Dwellings Exhibition

This is the final week for the Dwellings exhibition. If you haven't seen it, take a look. If you have, take another look. There are several works in this exhibition that are worth a good study.

All three of Rae Broyles photo encaustic pieces - Desolation, Pink House, and Ancient Thoughts - make great use of color and are very well composed. Denis Wogan's piece, The View from Hiddensee, is beautiful in its simplicity; the scene is calm and inviting and...feels perfect. Penny Oliphant's pieces - Mohawk Cabins, Route 100 Trailer, Burnham Crossing - have enormous energy and vibrant colors.

The exhibition has several photographs by John Luesing. I want to draw your attention to Shadows on Lake Michigan #3 and Suburban Swingset #1. They are right on topic, making a statement about the ways we choose to live. Also look at Home, Sweet Home by George Gati, Blue Door by Terri Erbacher, Father and Son by Ellen Pollachek, and The Shoe House by Laura Seldman for other manifestations of dwellings. Don't miss the four pieces by Kate Cusick - Memorial Drive, Near Parker High, Sumac Street, and Pontiac Early April. Cusick's pieces are striking in their simplicity, but complex in what lies behind the interesting colors and designs.

Still Point Art Gallery's Dwellings exhibition will close as a featured exhibition on August 30. Dwellings will remain online and items can still be purchased, however, until August 30, 2010.

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