Friday, July 31, 2009

This Week's Featured Art Work - Jon Mehlferber - August 2, 2009

You must see Jon Mehlferber's houses. He has lots of them, about 75 actually, in the Dwellings exhibition. Take a look. Take a good long look. They are enjoyable and really quite amazing in concept.

The shape of the small house, like that found in Houses on Stilts and Soul Houses, is familiar to most everyone. It is a shape as traditional and recognizable as a candy cane, a heart, or a wedding band. For this exhibition, Mehlferber made his houses out of wood and concrete. His wooden houses, those in Houses on Stilts, sit atop stilts and thereby attain a wonderful stature and sense of reach. The stilts add space and movement, thus for split seconds at a time, the houses seem almost to stretch, swagger, and shuffle. But before you even notice, they pop back into their appropriate places. There is also a beautiful rhythm in the way these houses are arranged, though you may have to spend a bit of time with the image of the piece to really see the arrangement. In Soul Houses, the houses are arranged very neatly in a 5x5 grid. These houses, made of concrete, do not move. They rest directly on the ground, being still and heavy.

Houses on Stilts, Wood House, and Soul Houses

Then there is Wood House. Tall, open, airy, full of light, beautifully proportioned, symmetrical, welcoming. All qualities of a desirable dwelling. The piece perhaps stands as a symbol of dwelling.

Houses on Stilts, Wood House, and Soul Houses are three-dimensional works of art. Houses on Stilts is 60" x 60" x 21" and is available from Still Point Art Gallery for $1250. Wood House is 24" x 24" x 20" and is available for $1000. Soul Houses is 60" x 60" x 6" and is available for $1250. Contact Christine Cote by email or by phone 207.837.5760.

Christine Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 2, 2009

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