Monday, June 01, 2009

This Week's Featured Art Work - May 31, 2009

This week's featured art work is a piece by Robin Borland, an Artist of Distinction in the Still Point I show. The featured piece is A Day at the Races.

What first drew me to this painting, and to Robin's work generally, were the colors - bold and strong, even a bit spicy. The same can be said of Robin's technique. Her brushstroke shows strength, and the way each brushstroke and each application of color builds the composition exudes a feeling of artistic confidence and power. Robin's paintings are not timid and subtle. Rather, to the viewer these paintings reveal an artist with a passion and zest for life.

From the title of this piece, A Day at the Races, we assume that the three women in this painting have taken the day off from their usual activities to enjoy a day with each other at the racetrack. Their sleeveless dresses and big hats suggest that it is a warm summer day - a day of leisure. The woman on the far left is holding a martini glass. The woman in the middle is smiling and pointing, seeming to be saying something to the woman on the right. It is very interesting that all three women are looking off to the side at something that does not appear in the painting. This adds an important element to this piece for a couple of reasons. First, the viewer cannot help but notice the women's eyes; all three pair of big brown eyes look off to the viewer's right. This would be a very different piece if all eyes were not looking in the same direction. Second, what are they looking at? Presumably, they are looking at whatever the middle woman is pointing at. Is it a particular horse in the race? Are they looking at something happening down on the track? Are they looking at some particularly handsome man sitting in the stands? Perhaps they're looking at another woman's strange outfit or hat or hairdo. We don't know. We will never know. We can only imagine. This inability to know all that is happening in this painting combined with its boldness and strength of color and style make this a fascinating piece to read and enjoy.

A Day at the Races is an oil on canvas painting, 38" by 26", available from Still Point Art Gallery for $1000. Contact Christine Cote by email or by phone 207.837.5760. Robin currently has two additional pieces in the Gallery - Somewhere Else I'd Rather Be and Girls Night Out.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
May 31, 2009

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