Friday, June 19, 2009

Call for Entries: Autumnal Tints

I believe that all leaves, even grasses and mosses, acquire brighter colors just before their fall. When you come to observe faithfully the changes of each humblest plant, you find that each has, sooner or later, its peculiar autumnal tint. --Henry David Thoreau
I have always loved Thoreau's writings. I can get lost in his work. Sometimes when I read Thoreau, I land on a particular sentence or paragraph and am not able to move on because I am so captivated by what I am reading. It speaks to me with complete clarity. It stops me in my tracks. It may even cause a pause in my breathing. What I just read is so right, such a good fit, that I have to stop and just feel it in my bones for a moment.

When I came upon the above passage from Thoreau's essay Autumnal Tints, I realized it had presented me with a wonderful idea for an art show. Colors...tints...autumnal tints...how very art-sounding. And so we'll have a show! Autumnal Tints will open August 31 and close November 8, 2009. The show, however, is not solely about a time of year, even though it is happening in the autumn of the year. The show is about color! Autumnal colors! And there are many! They can be fiery, rich, passionate, golden. They can also be warm, soothing, calming, subtle. How do you see autumnal tints?

I am very excited about this exhibition. The Gallery is now accepting submissions. Look here for the prospectus and entry form.

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Christine Brooks Cote
June 19, 2009
Still Point Art Gallery

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