Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Week's Featured Art Work - May 17, 2009

Starting today I plan to take one piece each week from the current show and write a brief review of it. Comments are welcome!

This week I would like to draw your attention to Wacker Drive #2, a photograph by John Luesing of Chicago.

Many people know that Wacker Drive is in Chicago, and so will instantly recognize that this photograph is about Chicago. I was so thrilled to receive this entry for the Still Point I show because, though I now live in Maine, I love the city of Chicago! This piece beautifully shows the city at night, with its lights, tall buildings, vehicles, and people on the move.

Furthermore, it is a masterful photograph and fits the theme of the current show perfectly - Still Point I - artists capturing something and holding it still. Here John Luesing caught a moment of time in Chicago's nightlife and holds it still and steady in this photograph. The amber glow at street level against the dark black of the distant buildings and nighttime sky make a perfect contrast. The established, unmoving, and in-focus buildings serve as a sturdy background for the cars and people, which come and go, dart around, and are mostly out-of-focus. The cars and people seem to be heading out of the scene at a rapid pace, but the buildings will never move. They are solid, steady, established...yet another contrast. Buildings create a structure for what happens in a city. In this case, these fabulous buildings happen to be the structure of the wonderful city of Chicago.

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Christine Cote
Still Point Art Gallery

May 17, 2009

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  1. Like the amber glow..darkness in contrast..movement and stillness.. Depicts pulse of great city at night. Like this photograph. Best.Luise.