Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Point I Photographers Talk About Seeing and Feelings

Still Point I, the inaugural exhibition of Still Point Art Gallery, shows the work of several photographers, two of whom talk about their art in this post. Bonnie Jones and Cella Neapolitan talk about photography in terms of seeing and feeling - seeing and feeling different aspects of their unique lives and then holding them still with a photograph. See their work in the Gallery.

Cella Neapolitan, from Cookeville, Tennessee...

Sometimes I view my life in photography as a grapevine of intertwining aspects ~ changing over time, some growing, some withering, new shoots, overlapping ~ but at the root is seeing with feeling. Relating to the world viscerally/visually is a lifelong pursuit, as is focusing on part of it to produce an image that conveys that feeling.

Bonnie Jones, native of Florida, currently living in West Texas...

If you look at a map of Texas, the eastern half of the state appears full and the western half empty. Moving to the 'empty' half led me to my recent photographs. I was interested in exploring the expansive, often lonely landscape of the west half of Texas; especially the small isolated towns loosely strung together by ranch roads. Despite the nature of my time here being transitory, I also felt the urge to make a series of more intimate photographs that evoke the feeling of home. These images I made in my (temporary) Texas home, which is in fact an old summer lake house fully furnished with the odds and ends and memories of another family. Using the artifacts and surroundings - that I live with but are not mine - I hoped to create a warm, familiar, yet slightly distant sensation that matches my experience. I am learning that the idea of home can be curiously ephemeral.
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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
April 10, 2009

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