Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Point I Artist Laura Yang Confronts Memories of 9-11

Artist Laura Yang is exhibiting her Void Series in the Inaugural Exhibition of Still Point Art Gallery. The idea of the exhibition, entitled Still Point I, is to explore those things that artists, through their art, hold still. For Laura, Void Series is a deeply personal work, recalling the personal and shared tragedy of 9-11. It is the memory of loss and tragedy that is held still in Laura's profound work appearing in this show.

In Laura's own words,
Each time I confront my memories of the tragedies of 9-11 it is a never ending face of evil. I feel a sense of anxiety about the void in my world; the muted songs and the unfulfilled dreams of lives cut short.

For my Void Series prints I use drained colors and the texture of the cement as formal resources; this event was etched in the wall, in our hearts. The calligraphy lines represent the written history of mankind.

This is my statement about the biggest tragedy of my live time.
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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
April 15, 2009

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