Monday, April 13, 2009

Robin Borland Named Artist of Distinction in Inaugural Exhibition of Still Point Art Gallery

Robin Borland's pieces in the Still Point I exhibition are bold...bold color, bold strokes, bold design. The slight abstraction mixed with the bold color and stroke make the pieces nearly vibrate with intensity. They are gregarious and outgoing, but, like other more somber pieces in the show, capture a moment that the artist knew was worth holding still.

Robin says,

I like to capture places and people as they are in that moment in time. I try to convey not only what my eye is seeing, but also what emotions are being felt by the people or places in that moment in time. I paint quickly, trying to get down every feeling that I have as I experience it. I use color, line, and shape to build images that will project an emotion to the person viewing the art.

I asked Robin what emotions and feelings she was experiencing when she painted the pieces exhibited in Still Point I. Her reply,
When I paint anything, I find myself climbing right into that place and time that I am trying to capture. I live that very moment in my head. I can hear the the people talking and glasses clinking in Girls Night Out. I can see the way the sun hits the buildings, and I can smell the fresh air of the Tuscan village in Somewhere Else I'd Rather Be. I find myself front and center experiencing everything that is going on in that moment. When I paint a place it is like going on a vacation for me!

Robin received her degree in Fine Art from the University of South Florida. Upon graduation she began her full-time career painting at a studio in Dunedin, Florida. In 1999 Robin helped to create and manage Trailside Artist Colony, an artist co-op dedicated to helping professional artists show, market and sell their work. In 2000 Robin moved her studio into her home in Safety Harbor, Florida and began a career in local politics winning two terms as a commissioner for the city of Safety Harbor. In 2004 she successfully held a position as an aide to then State Representative Gus Bilirakis and left in 2005 to make a bid for State Representative District 48. Robin continued her painting throughout her political career often painting places that she would visit on vacation or business. Robin works in acrylic as well as oil. She now resides in Palm Harbor, Florida with her husband Bob and son Oliver. Her paintings are owned by many local politicians, business professionals, and several New York radio personalities.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
April 13, 2009

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