Monday, February 16, 2009

Inaugural Exhibition: Still Point I - Thoughts About the Exhibition

As visual artists, most of us bring something to stillness through our art. As a photographer, I am very aware that this is happening. Landscapes, skyscapes, flora, portraits, street photography...a photo captures a moment in time. Whatever is before me when I take a picture, whatever is happening in that moment...is caught and held still. With the slight movement of my finger and the audible click of the shutter, I feel the action of capture. What I capture with my camera and later print on paper is literally a moment frozen in time...a moment brought to stillness.

The same is true of artists who draw, paint, weave, or sculpt...working plein air or in the studio, creating realistic, impressionistic, or abstract pieces. The pencil scratches on the paper, the brush glides over the canvas, or the hands work with the clay. No matter the medium, the end result is a work of art through which something is brought to stillness.

Perhaps because our lives are so often in motion, the artist has learned that his or her joy and contentment are found in being aware at some level of bringing moments to stillness. Perhaps this is why an artist has no choice but to make art; that desire for joy and contentment is so strong. And why are so many drawn to look at art, enjoy it, own it, collect it? Can we say that both the artist and those drawn to art to enjoy it do so to seek and find the Still Point?

These are some of the thoughts behind the theme of this inaugural exhibition.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
February 16, 2009

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